Dr. Miga joined the faculty of the Biomedical Engineering Department in November of 2000. His expertise is in the area of numerical methods and biomedical modeling and is currently the director of the Biomedical Modeling Laboratory. The focus of the Biomedical Modeling Laboratory is on developing new paradigms in detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease through the integration of computational models into research and clinical practices. He teaches courses in numerical methods, computational modeling for biomedical applications and biomechanics.



Laboratory Investigators

Michael Miga, Ph.D. - Harvie Branscomb Professor, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, NeuroSurgery, and Radiology,  (Director)
Logan W. Clements, Ph.D. - Research Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Laboratory Personnel

Jarrod Collins, Ph.D. Candidate
Saramati Narasimhan, Ph.D. Candidate
Xiaochen Yang, Ph.D. Candidate
Ma Luo, Ph.D. Candidate
Jon Heiselman, Ph.D. Candidate
Winona Richey, Ph.D. Candidate
Derek Doss, B.S. undergraduate researcher

Graduates of the BML (*Dr. Miga was co-advisor)

Tuhin K. Sinha, M.S. (December 2002)
Chad W. Washington, M.S. (August 2003)
Megan P. Rothney, M.S. (August 2004)
David M. Cash, Ph.D. (September 2004)*
Tuhin K. Sinha, Ph.D. (October 2004)
Stephanie L. Barnes, M.S. (August 2007)
Prashanth Dumpuri, Ph.D. (November 2007)
Rowena Ong, M.S. (December 2007)       
Jao J. Ou, Ph.D. (December 2007)
Logan W. Clements, Ph.D. (October 2008)*
Jared A. Weis, M.S. (January 2010)
Thomas S. Pheiffer, M.S. (May 2010)
Aaron M. Coffee, M.S. (May 2010)
Sylvia Ding, Ph.D. (October 2010)*
Stephanie L. Barnes, Ph.D. (May 2011)
Jared A. Weis, Ph.D. (September 2011)
Ishita Chen, Ph.D. (May 2012)
Janet E. Ondrake, M.S. (May 2012)
Thomas S. Pheiffer, Ph.D. (June 2014)
Yifei WU, M.S. (Jan 2015)
Ankur Kumar, Ph.D. (Nov 2014)
Rohan Vijayan, B.S. (May 2016)
Jacob Chadwell, B.S. (May 2016)
Sarah Goodale, B.S. (May 2016)
Rebekah Griesenauer, Ph.D. (June 2016)

        Post-doctoral Trainees of the BML

Aize Cao, Ph.D. (December 2007)
Prashanth Dumpuri, Ph.D. (October 2010)
Amber L. Simpson, Ph.D. (May 2012)
D. Caleb Rucker, Ph.D. (July 2013)
Logan W. Clements, Ph.D. (October 2013, June 2014)
Jared A. Weis, Ph.D. (Jan 2015)


Not Applicable


The Biomedical Modeling Laboratory is always looking for new team members. The skills of the team are usually focused on numerical analysis, mathematics, computer graphics, programming, medical imaging, and numerical solutions to differential equations. The group has a wide focus including biofluids, biomechanics, cancer imaging, and electropotential applications. If you like to explore the potential of computing or the power of simulation within the context of biomedical engineering, and medical image analysis than the BML may be the place for you. Additionally, if you are interested in working at developing new technology in surgical research, our group does substantial in vivo work for validation purposes. If you are interested in joining the team, contact:

Michael I. Miga, Ph.D.
Professor of BME, Radiology, & Neurosurgery
Director of the Biomedical Modeling Laboratory
Vanderbilt University
VU Station B, #351631
Nashville, TN, 37235