The focus of the Biomedical Modeling Laboratory (BML) is the development of new paradigms in detection, diagnosis, characterization, and treatment of disease through the integration of computational models into research and clinical practice. 

RESEARCH FOCUS: The Sparse Data Extrapolation Problem

The problem of extrapolating cost-effective relevant information from distinctly finite or sparse data while balancing the competing goals between workflow and engineering design, and between application and accuracy is the 'sparse data extrapolation problem'.

-M. I. Miga (2011), SPIE Medical Imaging 2011: Visualization, Image-Guided Procedures, and Modeling Conference

Projects within Laboratory

  • Deformation Correction for Image-Guided Surgery Applications in Neuro, Abdominal, and Breast

  • Tracking of Tissue Deformation Using Laser Range Scanning and Video Micro-surgiscopic Data

  • Elastography Using Nonrigid Image Registration Methodologies

  • Modeling and Intraoperative Guidance for Ablation Therapies

  • Optimizing the Delivery of Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery using Modeling Techniques

  • Tumor Growth Modeling for Use in Chemotherapeutic Outcome Forecasting and Analysis

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